Sunday, April 18, 2010

get a clue...

One of our favorite games to
play as a family is CLUE JR.
We don't get to do it often, as we have to wait until
busy-body Carson is preoccupied or asleep,
but it's worth the wait as we have such a fun time!
First we played "boys against girls" but then
we had fun doing kids vs. grownups.
Here, the kids are whispering their strategy to each other.
Too bad their "whispers" are loud enough for the entire room to hear!
So fun playing DETECTIVE...

Hope Sig1


Wonderland Girl said...

that's one I've been wanting to pick up! Guess we better try it out huh!

Hey, someone's birthday is coming up soon....

Nickole -n- Kye said...

Have you played Apples to Apples, they have a junior version, when Kye and I started dating, we played my friend Madi's version so much we bought our own. Kye loves it so much we always tear up from laughter. SO fun! I always loved family game night, even though my dad always won :)

Heather said...

Clue is one of my favorite games. I can't wait until my kids are old enough so I can play with them! Candy Land is getting more than a little old.

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