Thursday, June 21, 2012

She was meant to be a big sister!

 Halle is incredible with Charlotte.  She feeds her, changes her diapers (at least the wet ones), picks out her clothes, reads her stories, and in fussy moments, is even willing to sit on the hard floor and read so that Charli won't cry because no one is near her.  Halle, I love you.  You are amazing!
Hope Sig1

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post #510: the one about my beautiful 5-month old and a couple of her "firsts"

First, I have to say:

Alrighty...moving onto cuter things...

Love these big round eyes looking at me! does this tongue-thing work again?  
Can't seem to keep the food INSIDE...

 Nevermind...just give me the spoon.  This is fun to chew on!

 What?  You mean we're done here?  
Hey!  Give me back that spoon!
Hope Sig1

I love the smell of nail polish at 9:00 at night...

Last night Halle painted my toes beautifully - and creatively I might add...half pink and half green.  Very unique.  I think I can guarantee NO ONE will have toes like mine!  Not wanting to be left out of the {girly} fun, Carson and Wyatt asked if they could pick up a brush and take a turn at my fingernails.  I gave them each a hand and I felt just lovely at the end.  I think because they painted so much of the flesh around my nail, I now feel like my nails are extra long and fancy.  Thanks, Kids! 

Hope Sig1

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Over the Moon for "Down Under"

Our dear friends, Richard and Shanon, from Tasmania, Australia, were able to visit the states again - and fortunately they were also willing to set aside some time for us during their visit.  This is our 3rd year in a row and we hope they continue trekking to the other side of the world EVERY year, as we never tire of them and look forward to their company with great anticipation!  Shakira (their now TEENAGER) of course was with them, but in addition we got a special treat this year...meeting Richard's "mum", Joyce, who was just as lovely, warm, and kind.  And who spoke with the most beautiful Irish brogue!

We wanted them to experience Dutch Oven Cooking, which they do have in Australia but not as commonly as here, and so I asked my favorite in-laws to prepare some delicious food as I have very little (okay, none) experience successfully cooking Dutch Oven!  John prepared the tastiest potatoes and barbecue chicken to go with our dinner, followed by raspberry cobbler so rich you had to have a tall glass of ice water to accompany each bite!  So scrumptious and a lot of hard work on the part of my sweet mother- and father-in-law!

The kids had fun running around the yard playing while we visited.  
Here they are with a giant "human slingshot".
The McKinley's had just heard of S'mores for the first time so 
of course we had to prepare some!  
Shakira said she "liked it" but did not "love it".  

Richard and Shanon, it was lovely as always!  
You know you are welcome anytime.  
We just love you and can't wait to see 
pictures of your new granddaughter, 
especially in her new shoes to match her "Shanny"!  
Thank you for stopping in our little neck of the 
woods and spending time with us - 
safe travels and keep in touch!

Hope Sig1

"Long-time-no-see! So, how's mortality treatin' ya?"

I always wonder when two little babies meet, who are fresh on this earth, do they communicate silently with one another?  Do they remember each other from the premortal realm and if so, do they say, "Oh, hey!  You made it!  How's mortality treatin' ya?  That birth canal...what a ride, right?"

Well these two little girls arrived into mortality not too far apart from one another.  Just shy of two months difference in age, these cousins finally got to meet for the first time (in mortality, at least :).  Sweet Abigail LaRee and Charlotte Maree don't know it yet but they are going to be the best of friends (or DO they already know???)

 Charli - 5 months, Abigail - 3 months

 And here are the first girl-cousins born into the Taft family - only 8 years between them!  But Halle is so sweet with Avaree and genuinely loves being with her.  Right now they'll have a cute "big sister/little sister"-type relationship but when they're adults, they'll be the best of friends, too!  I'm very proud of Halle for the kind way she takes Avaree under her wing and loves on her.  Halle's been fortunate to have some girl cousins on the Kremin side that are older than her who have never ignored her, but made her feel special.  I hope she can be that to her younger girl cousins.  She's already proven to me that she's going to be a young lady many people look up to - including her own mother!
Hope Sig1

Batter up!

Thanks to the Langeland's awesome planning skills, 
a friendly neighborhood game of the all-American sport 
was played at Hogan Park.  Thank you, Gerrards, Glasseys, Bodily's, Carters, and Langelands 
for a super-fun night!  Next time I won't take it so easy on you... ;)

Hope Sig1
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