Sunday, June 10, 2012

Over the Moon for "Down Under"

Our dear friends, Richard and Shanon, from Tasmania, Australia, were able to visit the states again - and fortunately they were also willing to set aside some time for us during their visit.  This is our 3rd year in a row and we hope they continue trekking to the other side of the world EVERY year, as we never tire of them and look forward to their company with great anticipation!  Shakira (their now TEENAGER) of course was with them, but in addition we got a special treat this year...meeting Richard's "mum", Joyce, who was just as lovely, warm, and kind.  And who spoke with the most beautiful Irish brogue!

We wanted them to experience Dutch Oven Cooking, which they do have in Australia but not as commonly as here, and so I asked my favorite in-laws to prepare some delicious food as I have very little (okay, none) experience successfully cooking Dutch Oven!  John prepared the tastiest potatoes and barbecue chicken to go with our dinner, followed by raspberry cobbler so rich you had to have a tall glass of ice water to accompany each bite!  So scrumptious and a lot of hard work on the part of my sweet mother- and father-in-law!

The kids had fun running around the yard playing while we visited.  
Here they are with a giant "human slingshot".
The McKinley's had just heard of S'mores for the first time so 
of course we had to prepare some!  
Shakira said she "liked it" but did not "love it".  

Richard and Shanon, it was lovely as always!  
You know you are welcome anytime.  
We just love you and can't wait to see 
pictures of your new granddaughter, 
especially in her new shoes to match her "Shanny"!  
Thank you for stopping in our little neck of the 
woods and spending time with us - 
safe travels and keep in touch!

Hope Sig1

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