Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I love the smell of nail polish at 9:00 at night...

Last night Halle painted my toes beautifully - and creatively I might add...half pink and half green.  Very unique.  I think I can guarantee NO ONE will have toes like mine!  Not wanting to be left out of the {girly} fun, Carson and Wyatt asked if they could pick up a brush and take a turn at my fingernails.  I gave them each a hand and I felt just lovely at the end.  I think because they painted so much of the flesh around my nail, I now feel like my nails are extra long and fancy.  Thanks, Kids! 

Hope Sig1


mikeandang said...

What a great mom!

Jen said...

Cute, Hope. :) You're such a good mom.

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