Friday, July 30, 2010

Kremin Kampout 2010

Notice any resemblance?
(Totally 'American Gothic'.)

So fun to pull the trailer with our own truck this year! Wahoo!
Raquel's baby shower for Caroline
'Princess' Jack-Jack
my beautiful mom.
We all laughed when we asked McKay what he was doing
and he looked at us like it was soooo obvious:
"Playing Kick the Can!"
And he was...literally kicking a can...
Mark telling us his bear story

Wild Horse Race!
Cowboys Kael, Benson, Wyatt, Carson, and Cowgirl Jane

Halle's li'l buddy Aiden
Grandpa K. was fixing some plumbing under the
sink and Carson couldn't resist playing in the cabinet
kenzie, janie, jack.
About 10 seconds later Jane lost her beans from dehydration.
See how she's barely holding it together for the photo op?

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