Sunday, August 1, 2010

what i love most about going home to vernal...

1. I love waking up early and stepping out on my parents west porch to see the blue, blue sky -- is it just me or does Vernal have fewer clouds than most places? -- and sucking in a long, deep breath of sweet-smelling air! 2. Mom & Dad's backyard -- I love how big it is, how much grass there is, that my kids have so much fun playing in it, and that it's surrounded by pretty fields (and horses!)
3. Mom's sewing room -- she's incredibly gifted. Many beautiful quilts, dresses, and other fine projects have come from this room and her talented hands.
4. Brett's favorite spot: the recliner!
5. Mom's Peonies...when we were there in June they were in full bloom. I couldn't stop walking by them!
6. the KITCHEN - Comfort food = Mom's food!
7. The sound of their back doorbell - we always know it's family when it's the BACK doorbell that rings. I love the out-of-tune "PING" it makes! I especially love the duet of "PING/RECLINER RELEASE"...that means Mom or Dad is getting out of their recliner to see who's here. Those two sounds go together like Steineker & Reservoir.
8. The Kitchen Table -- I associate this sight with lots of laughter, story-telling, game-playing (Arizona Rules, of course), and family togetherness.
9. Mom's super-annoying Bird Clock - I hate but love it at the same time. I'd totally miss it if it were gone. A different bird sings to you at the top of every hour. My favorites? The Woodpecker (4:00), Goose (5:00) and Owl (12:00).
10. This view. I love to see Anderton's horses running in the pasture. And in the winter time, a cool frosted oval greets you every morning in the middle of the bay window. Many a grandbaby has stood against the back of the couch excitedly watching the horses gallop by.
I miss Vernal. It's changed in so many ways, and I've changed in so many ways, that the Wasatch Front feel much more like my home now, but there's something about where you grew up, the house you were raised in, the people and memories you cherish, that make going back feel like "home", too. I may never live there again--in fact I'd be very surprised if I did--but I'm so grateful I get to go visit. It's's like you walk in, sit down, put your feet up, and exhale a huge "Ahhhhh". You can be yourself, you can feel safe, and no matter what, there's unconditional love waiting for you there.


Tif said...

What a sweet post and what sweet memories!

Whit said...

I love all those things that you listed! We were just there last night eating a treat on the back deck and the boys were feeding apples to the horses with Grandma!

Wonderland Girl said...

I can still WISH you'd move back! Remember - we were going to live next door to each other and raise our babies together!

Josh and Kristen said...

Oh man! Love it! Love Grandma and Grandpa's house. So many memories.

Josephine said...

I could not agree more. Home will always be that way!

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