Monday, October 3, 2011

Construction Zones (of different kinds!)

All summer long (and now into the fall) we have been remodeling many aspects of our main floor. We took out the stinky dog-pee carpet and FINALLY tore out the nasty, poorly-installed slate tile in the kitchen. A backsplash was installed and now we're in the process of repainting.
Our home wasn't the only place
of construction going on, however.

I've also been busy
constructing something special of my own!
Most of you know that in May we had the shock of our lives
when we found out our family must have been
missing one because Heavenly Father
has sent Baby #4 our way!

The kids were also pretty surprised...

We broke the news to them at Babies R' Us.
They went there with us under the impression that we had to buy a baby gift for Brett's cousin who had just had the most adorable baby boy. Then we told them we weren't there to pick out stuff for someone else's baby - we were there to find fun things for our own!
Here's what they chose:
Here's our sweetheart in the 1st trimester - teeny tiny plum-size:

Last month we got to find out whether we were getting a brother or a sister. To be safe, I bought Yankee gear for either sex. Then we found out Halle will finally be able to let go of the claim that she is the "only" girl in her family - hurray!
Here she is, holding her hand up to her face

Kids and grandmas, waiting to hear the word on the gender

A sister?!

21 weeks

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Jen said...

So fun!!!! :) Can't wait for another beautiful little Hope in the world. :)

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