Friday, February 10, 2012

what's going on here?

Poor Ruby.
This little person is quite the mystery to her.
She's struggling to understand what exactly is
happening and what her role with this new creature is going to be.
She struggling to understand why suddenly
she's not allowed on the couch as often or why we don't
play with her quite as often as we used to.
Thankfully, Brett is fabulous at spending time
with the dog every night.
Thankfully, Ruby hasn't been aggressive or
acted jealous towards the baby.
She's just desperate for attention from anyone that
walks through the front door.
I can tell she's curious about Charlotte.
Anytime Charlotte cries Ruby
paces back and forth as if to say,
"Do you hear that? What's that sound?"
And Ruby smells Charlotte and her things
(blankets, baby swing, etc) constantly.
Hopefully we can make her see that
Charlotte's just another person here to love Ruby-Roo...
although I have a feeling it will be easier to convince
Ruby of that once Charlotte's out of the
tail-pulling stage in a few years!

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