Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 Fall Catch-Up

I've been so swamped trying to get my new Scentsy and Velata businesses off the ground, I have regrettably neglected my family's blog.  This is our "journal", so to speak, and although I tend to use my blog too often for my own philosophical thoughts or my soap-box rants, my family IS, in the end, what I want this blog to be all about.  It's what makes me such a lucky gal!

Here's what October looked like for the Taft family:

 Carson and Wyatt were our star baseball players!  

 Evidence that our children do receive a bath, once in a while!

 Ruby rolled around somewhere outside that apparently was a nightclub for slugs, getting seven of the slimy things stuck in her hair.  Having just paid for a trip to the beauty salon a week earlier, she had to settle for a home-done haircut by me.  She looked bad, and she knew it - the next morning she didn't come out of her kennel until 9:30!

Witches Night Out at Gardner Village with Grandma Dixie and Aunt Ashlee!
But stop at the mall for dinner and getting some eyebrows threaded!  

 (Speaking of Klopecks, soon I'll post pictures of our trick or treating adventure, and how we live in our own 'Burbs!  The good DocTuh Klopeck lives in our neighborhood (or at least someone who suspiciously looks an awful lot like him!)

 Ouch!  Threaded hurts a bit!  
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