Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hold up, Mister! I want to take a picture of your truck!

I had just dropped Halle off at school when this truck whizzes past me. Don't ask me why, but at first I thought the orange thing in the truckbed was large rolled up piece of orange foam--like the kind of foam you'd sleep on camping. But as I got closer I realized, "What in the world?! It's the Great Pumpkin!" Seriously, this thing was H-U-G-E! Or as some people ( clears throat and raises eyebrow, directed at certain know who you are) would say: "GINORMOUS!"

I maneuver myself behind the oversized plant and whip out my camera at the redlight so I can take a picture. Then I look to my right to see the driver next to me giving me weird "What are you doing?" looks. So I point to the pumpkin and gesture with my hands, "Look at's a pumpkin. The size of a truckbed! Wouldn't you take a picture, too?"

You only WISH you had your camera, lady.


craftymandy said...

unbelieveable. a pumpkin? impressive. i SO would have taken a picture too. that rocks.

alisondudley2 said...

No, she really just thought you were insane.

Ashlee said...

Oh my CRAP that is GINORMOUS!!! I love that you actually took a picture of it.

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