Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Patchwork of Love

As soon as we took posession of our new home, our first thought was to paint. Immediately. The colors the house had been left in were atrocious. Everyone is entitled to their own tastes and likes, but the "unique" colorwheel we were faced with was anything but MY taste. The kitchen was Granny Smith Apple Green and the adjoining family room was Chocolate Brown (I actually considered keeping the brown, but in the end decided not to). Since the rooms are really one big room, we wanted them to be the same color. I decided on a green: "River Reed", to be exact. I love the color and was pleased to still love the color after it was up. It wasn't until we moved our furniture in that I realized my giant error. I love the green walls and I love my dark brown couches. However, I failed to imagine how they'd look together. No one else seemed to share my depressed opinion, but I hated it. I was so frustrated. I wasn't about to repaint what had just been painted and new couches were out of the question. After time, the colors grew on me a little, but I still did not love it. There's nothing worse than facing daily a huge mistake that you know is upon your shoulders alone and that you have no choice other than to live with. I needed a way to help the two colors blend.

Then I got an idea! My mom has been making some beautiful quilts. Why not ask her nicely, pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top if she would make me a throw that I could put on my couch to help tie in the brown and green together? Of course, Mom being Mom, she was generous enough to oblige. I told her I wanted something to help tie in the green walls, brown couches, red accents, and white entertainment center and my white/brown kitchen dining set.

Did she deliver, or what? And the best part is, it is SO ME! I love the red paisley! And the green border fabric makes me think of something from a Jane Austen novel!

Thanks, Mom! You have made me so much happier with my home by sharing your talent. Anyone who comes into my kitchen or family room has commented on my beautiful throw and the fabulous quilting!
You are always so good to endulge my "projects", which deep down we know means a lot of work for you. Especially when I start something with the phrase, "Would you mind helping me make..." Yes, I admit it. What I really mean is "Would you make for me..." Let's face it, sewing never was my forte! Thank heavens it is yours!
P.S. Brett loves it, too. It's wrapped around his legs on nearly a nightly basis! And I think it's funny that GOLF happened to be on the television when I took this picture. Really...what are the chances of that?!


Arah said...

so funny, i think i have the same couch...your house i'm sure is decorated adorabley (is that a word?).

Annie said...

Your house is decorated so cute! It looks like it all turned out great!

Lindsay Taft said...

The answer to your question, is a big YES, your mom totally delivered! Like I mentioned the other night, I think she did such a great job and I love the fabric choices you two decided on; they really do pull all the colors together!

Tif said...

Aren't moms the best?! She did a terrific job. It looks great. You have such a cute house!

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