Friday, February 1, 2008

I've been tagged!

So my sweet friend Tiffany "tagged" me...

I haven't played TAG for a very long time. Suddenly I feel as though I'm back on the elementary school playground running away from Scott Wallis during kissing tag (although I made sure I ran slow enough to be caught)!

OK, Tif, here are the answers to the questions:

10 years ago:

  • I was a senior in high school. I hated that year. And loved it, too. Reasons why I hated it: My mom had major surgery with a long recovery time so for the first time I was required to take on some actual responsibility around the house. It stunk, but also helped me grow up REAL fast. I was totally burnt out on school. I was working 3 jobs (travel agency, Wally World, and teaching piano lessons). I remember I always felt exhausted. The majority of my close friends had graduated the previous year, so during my sr. year I felt very lonely and like the biggest loser. Why I loved it: I graduated. I loved being part of the high school's show choir. I loved being on Seminary Council.
5 things on my to-do list today:
  • 1. Get Halle off to school. Check. But only after shoveling driveway (again.) and vacuuming up emptied contents of Nestle Quick container from kitchen counter, floor, and barstools.
  • 2. Get boys to sitter and get myself ready to go to President Hinckley's viewing. Check. But only after cleaning up Carson's "spit-up" (more like puke) and having to check on Wyatt like a gazillion times as he sat on the potty for 25 minutes "waiting for it to come out".
  • 3. Go with mother-in-law to President Hinckley's viewing, where I will meet Brett. Check. Had a couple people that attended yesterday talk about how wonderful it was that there wasn't a long line. Go today with false sense of security and thin nylons, which offer no insulation for my toes during the 1-hour and 40-minute wait in line, mostly outdoors. However, I must add that no matter how long our wait may have been, it was totally worth it. An opportunity I'll treasure forever. I'm still so emotional about it that I simply cannot write anymore regarding the experience.
  • 4. Take Halle to Acting Lessons and pick up 97% Fat-free Hebrew National Hot Dogs for Sunday BBQ . "Check" for acting lessons, but once again the evasive "1-point" hot dogs (a weight watchers term) have eluded me. Anyone know where I can find them???
  • 5. Inflate Air Mattress for Shannon and Jeramy before they get into town tonight. Soon-to-be-Checked. My niece/best friend and her husband are driving into town tonight before they fly out to Texas tomorrow morning to go see her mom (my sister).

5 Snacks I enjoy:
  • Curves Granola Bars. Only 1-point in my Weight Watchers plan and seriously probably the best granola bar I've ever had in my life.
  • "Western Bagel Co." bagels with a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese. Only 1.5 points for the entire thing. I eat at least two each day.
  • Tea. I am a tea-drinker. Herbal tea, that is. I have at least two hot mugs of tea every day. Right now I'm in a "peach" phase with just a little milk added in to make it creamy!
  • Low-Fat Kettle Korn Popcorn. Just give me the bag and don't bother asking me to share it. Unless it has sat out for more than twenty minutes. Gross. Then it's all yours.
  • Homemade Guacamole. When we were in CA this summer, a friend made what I thought was the best (and healthiest) guacamole. Just avocados, lime, and garlic. Give me a giant bowlful and I'm happy (I don't even need chips. A spoon will do just fine.)

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
  • Pay "Fire" Insurance
  • Pay off house
  • Pay off Student Loans & other pesky debts
  • Pay off Brett (I still owe him a bunch of money for marrying me.)
  • Take an extended vacation in Europe, but mostly in Great Britain. Brett can golf and I'll tour all the old great estates from the Jane Austen era. Then we'll meet up at a charming Bed & Breakfast in the country and he'll call me "M'Lady".

3 of my bad habits:

Naturally, I don't have any bad habits, but if I did, they might be something like:

  • Leaving the water running in the kitchen sink. I do this all the time. Seriously. Nearly every time I use it I forget to turn it off. The sound must be soothing to me or something because it just never registers until Brett says a few minutes later, "You gonna turn that off?" I am likely the sole cause for any water shortage in Utah. Not very many people know this, but that's why Arizona kicked us out.
  • Locking exterior doors behind me, even when I know Brett is outside doing yard work and will need to come in. It's a subconscious thing. And it really ticks Brett off to find he can't enter his own home without first pounding on the door for permission!
  • Leaving cereal bowls or plates unrinsed. I've gotten better at this, but occasionally old habits kick in and I forget to rinse plates I've used. By the time we get around to rinsing them to put them in the dishwasher the food is nearly permanently attached and the only thing that will remove it is a string of "colorful" words expleted from a certain person's mouth.

5 places I have lived:
  • Vernal, UT
  • Bountiful, UT
  • South Salt Lake, UT (Yes, that's South Salt Lake. The scary part of town, near the big bowling pin on 2300 S. and State Street.
  • Mesa, AZ
  • North Salt Lake, UT

6 jobs that I have had:

  • Piano Teacher "1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4, keep the rhythm even, 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4"
  • Maid at Split Mountain Motel (name of establishment must be said with an accent and as though one's bottom lip is full of chew) Knock-Knock. "Housekeeping." No answer. I now unlock door and begin to enter room. Then panic sets in as I shield my eyes and try to close the door. "Oh! I am so sorry! I didn't know anyone was in here!" For a seventeen year-old, this job was a little too...educational.
  • Wal-Mart Checker "Will that be all for you, sir?"
  • Travel Agent "Thank you for calling Murdock, Carlson, Wagonlit Travel."
  • Airline Ticket Agent/Trainer "Ladies and Gentlement, we would now like to begin boarding SkyWest Airlines Flight 3940 with service from Salt Lake City to Boise, Idaho. Please have your tickets out, ready for my collection at Gate E12. On behalf of all of us at SkyWest Airlines, we'd like to thank you for flying with us today and wish you a great flight."
  • Mommy "No, you may not eat your brother for dinner." "Wyatt, please stop sticking those skittles up your nose." "If you keep making faces like that your face will get stuck that way." "Carson! Get out of the Comet!"

5 Things most people don't know about me:

  • I had bladder surgery when I was very young and have the scar to prove it. My bladder and kidneys have never been the same. Troublemakers, you might say.
  • Any time I drink something with carbonation, I hiccup (after every single swallow). It drives Brett batty.
  • My favorite chocolate indulgence is Peanut M&Ms. Especially on road trips.
  • When I was pregnant with Wyatt I went into preterm labor while camping and had to be life-flighted to Salt Lake.
  • During my stint at the airlines, I had several encounters with celebrities. Including Dennis Quaid. (Be still my heart! Can't wait to see his new movie that comes out Feb. 22nd!)
Now I guess I am supposed to tag 3 people. But since it's my blog and I'm in charge, I'm going to tag FOUR (that's me...always livin' on the edge!):

I tag Lindsay, Ashlee, Julie and Misti!!!


Tif said...

Thanks for playing, Hope. I always like reading these about other people. I seem to learn at least one new thing every time. I especially like your descriptions of your previous jobs. Cracked me up!

Kami said...

Hope, you are hilarious! I'm getting to know you better every day...and I LIKE what I see! :)

Whit said...

I love love love your blog. Your's is what I hope to have mine like someday. Did you hear the good news yet? Jon and I are going to have another squirt in august. I am excited but not so much about the august(HOT) part. I miss seeing you, I'll be out there for a few days the week of Valetines we should get together for lunch and let the boys play.
I love you, Whit

Jen H. said...

I really enjoyed learning more about you! What a fun tag!

Annie said...

I really enjoyed learning more about you. You are hillarious!

P.S. I have had the 97% fat-free Hebrew National hot dogs and must say they are pretty good... We've always gotten them at Wal-mart.

MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

How come for airlines you didn't say how you loved that crazy man with the white gloves- headed for the loony bin rather than Disney? Good times.

Barton Family said...

oh how fun to read about you and learn new things I didn't know.

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Thomas Jefferson