Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Friends are like bras: close to your heart & there for support!"

This is my friend, Margaret, and I at her "second" 29th birthday party. OK, OK...she's 30. (She's gonna kill me for posting that on the internet. But take heart, dear...some of the best people I know are thirty. My husband's one of them!) Anyway, I thought I dedicate a small little post to my wonderful girlfriend. We met when we were both new mothers in the University ward. If it weren't for our frequent trips with the kids to the park or walks together on the cracked and jagged sidewalks of our South Salt Lake neighborhood, I don't know how I would have survived that period of time, when both of our husbands were gone 80% of the time either working hard or studying hard!
This is for you, M-A-R-G-E:
Margaret is one of the most dedicated mothers I know. And the most patient! I think what I admire most about her mothering is her ability to find a way to allow her children to participate with her in whatever she's doing. Cooking, cleaning closets, crafting. Whatever. I am so flawed in that I don't have the patience for that the majority of the time. Margaret makes me want to be a better mother.
Sometimes it's difficult to keep in touch with old friends. No matter how much you love them, it can be easy to become distracted with life and grow apart. I'm grateful that my friendship with Marge is a two-way street and that she is as devoted to nurturing that bond as I am! "TRUE FRIENDSHIP ISN'T ABOUT BEING THERE WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT; IT'S ABOUT BEING THERE WHEN IT'S NOT."
R-Remarkable Wife
Margaret is just about the most loyal wife I know. She loves her husband...well, I guess in describing the love she has for Jason I'm reminded of a quote I heard in a western movie once. A woman said, "I got more love for that man than there ought to be allowed". I think that's the way Margaret feels about Jason.
She is a fabulous cook! She loves to bake; it seems any time I talk to her she has just "whipped" up some confectionary delight or tried out a new recipe. She had a great idea for a pumpkin truffle that sounded simply divine. You'll have to do it one of these days and let me know how it turns out, Margaret!
E-Eternal Perspective
Margaret really knows how to keep things prioritized and in perspective. She is a very (VERY) spritual person. She's always been good to do FHE and scripture-study. She's very focused in the Gospel.
So there you have it. For those that don't know Margaret and may never get a chance to know her, what a pity that is. For those of you that are fortunate enough to be acquainted with her, I know you agreed with everything I just said!

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