Monday, February 11, 2008

LOVE-FEST MOVIE SPOTLIGHT, DAY #1: "The Courtship of Eddie's Father"

I wanted to blog today, but had a hard time thinking of a topic. Then I decided that in honor of Valentine's Day, every day this week I would spotlight one of my (many) favorite romantic movies. Today I start with one I can always watch, no matter what mood I am in. Most of you have probably never heard of it.
If you have any sort of appreciation for "older" movies (no, this is not a musical, nor is it in black and white), you will love this show. Below is a description from that I thought summed it up quite well:
"Decades may pass, but this show never loses any of its abundant charm. Long before he became an Oscar®-winning director, 8-year-old "Ronny" Howard costarred with Glenn Ford in this heartwarming family classic. This 1963 production is straight-laced and, for its time, remarkably frank--and disarmingly funny--about the many questions that precocious son Eddie (Howard) has for his widower father (Ford) as they recover from the death of wife and mother. It hits all the right notes of sadness, hope, and parental concern; Ford's unspoken love for a helpful neighbor (Shirley Jones) may be a foregone conclusion, but romantic subplots (and Eddie's diligent matchmaking) add plenty of domestic drama. Sweet but never saccharine, this timeless Courtship is guaranteed to make you smile."
Personally, I think Glenn Ford is just downright attractive. Call me strange (yes, he is older...much older. In fact, he actually passed away last year--but not before I emailed him an enthusiastic fan letter!). However, when he was in his prime (the early 60's), I think he had a definite sex appeal about him. Then there is Shirley Jones. You may recognize her from "The Music Man" or "Oklahoma", or perhaps you'ves seen episodes of "The Partridge Family". She is just a knockout--she's got this beautiful smile and of course, that Hollywood figure. She is literally the girl-next-door. Sweet, humble, but also independent and not afraid to speak her mind. Then there's the irresistable redhead. Ron Howard steals the show! I just think he is so adorable! I can't watch him in this without smiling and giving an "Ahhhh, how cute" every 10 minutes! (My favorite part is the end when he is trying to teach his father how to call a girl on the phone. The dialogue is hysterical.) Father & Son teach each other about love and life in unforgettable ways.
This movie is a little difficult to find on video--a couple years ago I was in Toys 'R Us when I spotted it on VHS for a mere $3.99! I could hardly believe it! What a buy! I snagged it right up and now I am on the hunt for a DVD version. (My birthday is in May, in case anyone wanted to buy one for me!) If you're interested at all in seeing it, start calling around to the rental stores to see if they have a copy. Trust me, it will be worth the search. If you can't find a copy and you live on the Wasatch Front, I'd be happen to loan my copy to you...if you are willing to sign a Release Form as well as leave a credit card number and urine sample (gotta protect my investment, you know!).
I think the reason I enjoy this movie so much is because it's wonderful to watch in all the right ways (providing laughs via witty writing, butterflies in my stomach from the chemistry between Tom & Elizabeth, and sensitivity displayed between a father and son who have experienced a terrible loss) without the trash and smut that you get nowadays. It's clean and wholesome...worry-free and yet still entertaining! Imagine that!
I've got 6 more movies to spotlight (man, was it ever hard to choose!), but in the meantime, what movies best get you in the mood for V-Day?


Arah said...

I love those old movies. I will have to hunt this one down. One of my favorites is Yours, Mine and Ours. LOVE IT! I love Lucille Ball in it. She's hillarious! Thanks Hope!

craftymandy said...

ohhh, i gotta find this movie!!! I searched through my DVR/TiVo to see if it was upcoming on AMC or something, but it wasnt, so I am off to the library. If you come to vernal soon, bring it and let me borrow it.

Annie said...
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