Friday, February 15, 2008

Our "Crusty Marshmallow"

Before I post the next love-fest movie, I absolutely have to give a quick shout-out for my sweet father-in-law, John.
This is Grandpa John with the kids on Halloween in '06.
I've never seen anyone embrace the Valentine Holiday like he does. He takes it very seriously. He considers all the women in his life and how to make them feel loved and special. This is not just his wife. It's his daughters, his daughters-in-law, and even his mother-in-law (his own mother passed away in 2003). Each year I can expect a well-thought gift accompanied by the most wonderful, tender card. It's become something I really treasure and look forward to--not for the gift as much as the card. He has always written a message that melts my heart and makes me feel so good. I like to call him our Crusty Marshmallow, because inside he is just "goo"! He's warm and sweet and a giant SOFTY! Thanks for always making my Valentines Days even more special!
(By the way, I know I said it's not about the gifts, but this was too great to not talk about it!)
This year he gave me a Scentsy warmer with three delicious scents! I put in "Lucky In Love" as soon as I'd opened it and it made my house smell fantastic!
And one more superbly important note: I am so proud of my Brett! This week he has been in Vegas on business and wouldn't you know it? He planned ahead and before he left hid a card and V-Day gift for me in one of our dresser drawers! I'm super-impressed! Thanks for "The Office" DVD sweetheart! It's been fun to watch to help pass the time until you're home again and can watch it with me. I miss you and am looking forward to your return today! xoxo

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Melissa said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Your father-in-law sounds so sweet and lucky for you sons usually take after their dads!

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