Monday, November 17, 2008

How can you make Disney characters even better? Put 'em on skates.

Last Saturday we had the awesome opportunity to take our kids to an incredible show, Disney On Ice! It was at the Energy Solutions Arena, which made taking Front Runner and Traxx ultra-convenient. The kids were about to burst from excitement as we waited for the train. When it finally pulled up, I tried to capture their reactions on film. See How Wyatt's fists are balled up? He could barely contain himself!
While we waited for the show to start, Brett treated the kids to some cotton candy, which came with a Mickey Mouse crown. Each "kid" had to take a turn wearing it, including King Brett! Halle's and my favorite part of the show was the Mulan segment--too bad I enjoyed it too much to remember to take any pictures. I'm usually not one talented enough to recognize stuff like choreography, but this...ahhhh! This Mulan number literally took my breath away and I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it, but it was so well-done, everyone so in sync with one another, that it made me cry a little! Wyatt's favorite part was seeing Woody and Buzz, and Brett thought Nemo was totally cool--seeing 2 skaters so fluid with each other as they played the part of "Bruce" the shark was pretty impressive. I wish my pictures were better, but that was as far as I could zoom in and everyone was always moving so quickly--it was hard to get a clear shot.

Here they are, mesmerized.

Buzz & Woody - All the Princess Couples
Finding Nemo - A replica of the "Small World" from Disneyland

Aladdin & Genie
After the Fun show, and I do say FUN with a capital "F", we walked over to Gateway where we at a scrum-diddly-umptious lunch at The Dodo. Six hours from the time we left home to the time Front Runner pulled back into the Woods Cross station, we were exhausted. But we all lay down for naps with giant smiles on our faces! Thanks to the generous, warm, and always-so-thoughtful people who got us the tickets! We wish you could have been there with us--you'd have loved watching the kids almost as much as you'd have enjoyed watching the ice show!

At The Dodo (yum) the kids each took a turn taking our picture. Here's Wyatt's photograph.

And this one? Courtesy of Halle, the photographer. I teased Brett that he didn't look "ecstatic" enough to be with me. I told him I wanted him to smile for the camera and display how enamored he was with his wife! Below is the result...he gave this cheesy smile and by the time I took the picture we were all laughing so hard, it distorted his face and it came out like this (HA!):
This is Brett. Enamored.


LaFawnda said...

What a fun time, and I LOVE the expression on Brett's face. It actually reminds me of a really good laugh, which is what we thoroughly enjoy with you both.
We love you and your little munchkins.
Glad the weekend was so fun. I'm jealous.

Annie said...

Looks like a fun day! We took Kaden on the train several months ago and he is constantly talking about and wanting to ride the train again! Disney on Ice looks great, I've always wanted to go!

Whit said...

Sounds so much fun! I can't wait until Kael and Brady are old enough to enjoy stuff like that. YOur hair is getting so long I really like it btw. Love You!

Tif said...

Looks like so much fun! One of these times I'm going to have to go. I hear such great things about it. Glad that you loved it and were able to make those memories!

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