Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Choose the Glass Half-Full

I must admit I was disheartened last night.
Clearly, I preferred my candidate, John McCain, and wanted him to win. Otherwise I would not have voted for him. However, I don't think I realized how much I'd wanted him to win until he gave his speech. As much confidence as I've got in Senator McCain, I wasn't surprised he lost. Barack Obama had created a great momentum in the country and I think it was obvious to everyone he'd had the lead for a couple months now. But as our Arizona Senator very graciously admitted defeat and delivered an eloquent speech, so dignified and refined, I found myself weeping. I was proud of John McCain. Proud of what he accomplished and the kind of man that he is. Proud of his love and devotion to his country. He wasn't the perfect candidate and would not have made the perfect president. Even though I voted for him, I had issues with some of his policies. I had serious issues with his running mate, as well. But for the most part, I have great admiration for him and I believe that, if given the chance, he would have proven to the world that he was good on his word and a gifted leader. I was extremely moved by Senator McCain's speech, and I think others from both party lines were as well. Disappointment in loss is expected, even when you anticipated that loss. But McCain's words inspired me and helped me on the road to accepting Barack Obama as our president-elect.
McCain's speech would be difficult to beat--it was truly that stirring. I definitely think it topped the night. However, I have to admit that Obama's speech was also rousing. One thing to his credit, is that I do believe, and have always believed, that he is sincere in his desire to better this country. That gives me hope. I am disturbed by some of Senator Obama's opinions regarding several moral issues. But he is going to be my president. And I have to believe that he will do some good for this country, hopefully making some positive changes. I am praying that he will be a servant of integrity and of morals. I am praying that through time he might come to see that as a Christian, which he claims to be, he must take a stand in the true teachings of Christ, especially in reference to abortion and homosexuality, as well as other controversial issues.
Time will tell what changes the next four years will bring. But I believe America is a blessed country--watched over, and like all other nations on the earth, ultimately part of a Plan designed by our Creator. I know the Lord is aware of our government leaders, and I believe that if we pray for them, the Lord will bless them and us. I did not vote for Barack Obama, and I wish that John McCain would have one. I would have been much more at ease with John McCain in the Oval Office. But I do believe that Obama has the potential to be a good president, even a great president. I am going to do my best to support him. I am going to do my best to speak good of him and be proud of him.
Finally, despite any negative feelings I may have had towards him as a candidate, I will say that I felt very good about the fact that America has made incredible progress in the past 150 years. It is telling that an African-American will be serving as Commander in Chief. In that regard, America is turning a new page in racial-acceptance. That is a victory all of America can share.

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