Saturday, February 7, 2009

a clean fridge.

I have the best husband in the world. For a while now (we need not mention a specific time frame......months...) there's been this syrup-y goo on the back of one of the shelves in our fridge. I ignored it, telling myself that one day it would simply disappear. Thanks to my sweetheart, it did! I came home one night to find crystal-clear glass shelves in a sparkling refrigerator! Thanks, hon.
That was nasty stuff.


Barton Family said...

Awwwe..What a good hubby you have! Will you have Brett give Todd a call to give him a talkin to. :) Just teasin, I've got a pretty good hubby too.! This reminds me....I gotta go clean my fridge. :)

Ashlee said...

That is my big brother!

julie said...

hey, send him over to my house.... our fridge could use a good cleaning too. :)

Josh and Kristen said...

What a sweetie... why don't you tell him that my toilets need cleaned, and I have been waiting for them to magically clean themselves for a few days now.

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