Saturday, March 28, 2009

cuddle bugs.

one thing i can say about my boys:

they love to cuddle.

sometimes they want to cuddle all day, which is definitely not always convenient or possible. but i'm trying to just enjoy it, because there will come a day when they'll be too cool to snuggle on the couch with their old, out-of-touch mom. here we are watching a movie together and just being silly.

don't grow up too fast, okay guys?


Josh and Kristen said...

Those pictures are so sweet. I can totally relate.

Heather said...

Here's to the hope that if we cuddle with them now, it will continue to a certain degree later, right? At least that's what I'm trying to believe. Cute pics!

Mandy said...

How sweet is that! Cuddling is the best ever. You have such beautiful kids!

Tif said...

Cuddling is what gets me through those rough parenting days. They make it all worth while.

joyce.kremin said...

If you ever get too tired or onery enough to give up the cuddling, come to me and I'll give you a kick where it counts and will take over for you. I still love having my boys (and girls) give me a hug. What joy your children bring to Grandpa and me, love 'em, love'em, love' em. Luv U too. Mom

Annie said...

How sweet! I love when Kaden wants to cuddle. Unfortunately he's not usually much of a cuddler. What cute boys you have!

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