Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dammit all to...

Sorry for cursing, but we have another blasted MOUSE!!!!!!! (If you recall, it was just over a year ago that we had the honor of hosting a furry friend for over a MONTH as it avoided our traps and snares.)
I found the disgusting signs in what seems to favored by the little rodents: the tupperware drawer in my island.
Once again I have hauled everything out of the island and put it up high on the kitchen table after I cleaned it all with bleach.
I will kill you.
I will kill you quickly.
And when you are dead I will not feel sorry for you. Oh, no! I will rejoice and do a happy dance. And once again I will be paranoid and Type-A about all exterior doors being left open for longer than a nano-second.

Brett: leave Vegas and come home now. This is MAN'S WORK.


Brett said...

Sorry Sweatheart. It is bad that these things seem to happen when I'm out of town. Lets kill the little punk!

Tif said...

Want to borrow our cat for a night?

Jen said...

Yuck!! We luckily have neighbors with several cats so we've never had a problems with mice. Good luck--I hope you get rid of 'em!!

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