Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This Medal of Bravery is hereby awarded to... valiant & fearless neighbor, Kami, who, in the midst of hazardous circumstances, demonstrated great courage (and oddly, a gross sense of curiosity) during the dumping of the mousetrap formally located in my bottom island drawer. Not wanting (daring) to set a spring trap myself (that's Brett's job and he's not here) I borrowed my friend, Marni's "box" mousetrap. Essentially, it is a small black box, wherein a maze leads the mouse to a dab of peanut butter located on a metal plate. Thanks to power delivered by AA batteries that metal plate treats the mouse to an appetizer of electric shock. You know you have a mouse when the blinking light on the top makes the happy proclamation.
Well, this afternoon, it blinked. And although I had thought catching the mouse was what I really wanted, suddenly I felt a little...chicken. So I called Kami. Armed with rubber gloves, Kami, he-hum, I mean WE, opened the lid and saw that YES, A LITTLE, VERY
UNCUTE MOUSE had met his shocking doom. We then took the box outside and she dumped the mouse into a plastic bag, which was then tied off and thrown into the dumpster.
Can it be garbage day TOMORROW instead of today...please?
So, Kami, this post is for you. Thanks for being a good neighbor. Thanks for coming over when I asked for "moral support" all the time knowing what I really meant was "would you please handle this for me?" You are hereby awarded this virtual MEDAL OF BRAVERY for your valor and friendship! As you know, I put the trap back for one more day, just to make sure our critter didn't have any friends. If we find out he did, you can expect to see my phone number on your caller ID. I'll provide the rubber gloves, you provide the guts.


Kami said...

You are most welcome! I thought the little guy was actually kind of cute. :) I know, I'm disgusting.

Shelley said...

Yay for Kami! What a woman!

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