Tuesday, April 21, 2009

where, oh where, had my little mouse gone?

This morning we caught our mouse. The one that I'd heard "shuffling, shuffling" by the computer over a week ago. I had heard it shuffle and the next day I had seen it scurry across the family room floor. Naturally, we'd set out a trap the moment it had manifested it's existence, but each day following that passed brought no more signs. No proof left behind. We didn't hear it, we didn't see it, and we saw no evidence that it was still around. I had wondered, "Where did it go?" Had it slipped out as we'd opened the door to leave one day? Had it found a big crumb in some obscure corner to feast upon for days and days? Did it visit a friend out in the country? At any rate, wherever it had been, it missed us too much and decided to come back. At dawn's light our trap light was blink-a-blinkin' and we knew it had met his demise.

So sad.

OK, OK, OK. Maybe you know me well enough that my crocodile tears and faux sympathy are obviously insincere. I'm not sad. I'm glad. Call me heartless, but I'm glad it came back and I'm especially giddy it had a hankerin' for peanut butter...I'm all too pleased to oblige. Come in, little mouse. Come have some peanut butter. Before you begin your main course, however, can I interest you in an appetizer of electric shock?

Don't forget to bring any other friends that might also be our honored houseguests. I'm more than generous. Peanut Butter all around!

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