Monday, May 25, 2009

thanks, n@.

Last night the Foxboro 4th Ward, along with other wards from our stake, was graced and honored by the presence and words of Ms. Natalie Hill at a Youth Fireside. Some of you might recognize Natalie from either her blog, "Mormon in Manhattan" (a.k.a. "NO Sex In the City"), or perhaps from her most recent stint as the amazing Ellen in Pioneer Theatre Company's Miss Saigon. After communicating via blog and email for the past couple months, Natalie and I were able to arrange this lovely fireside sponsored by our ward. Natalie, I hope you got a feel of how AWESOME and INSPIRING your words were when, after the closing prayer, you were practically mobbed by the group of teenage girls. They were obviously enamored by your personality and admired your ability to "stand for something in a world that stands for nothing". I was especially grateful for the advice you gave to the youth on how to be a friend to others, genuinely loving them despite the fact that they may not share our values, and yet still upholding your own standards, being an example to them as you remain true to who you are and who Heavenly Father wants you to be. I enjoyed your analogy of the tree and our values. My favorite was how you compared FAITH to the leaves of the tree...grounded to our INTEGRITY and DIVINE NATURE, yet somewhat putting ourselves out there, to be tested by the wind. So, thank you, Sister Hill, for making time for us. Your schedule has been insane lately, so I truly appreciate you. I hope the late flight home didn't feel too much like a "red-eye" and that you enjoy being back in New York. Break a leg at your audition today with Uncle Jesse! (yum.)

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Natalie* said...


it was absolutely my pleasure.
those gals are fantastic.

and you're such an amazing leader. they're so lucky to have you.

definitely keep in touch. i'll let you know what happens

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