Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"Oh, no! Harson falled!": what he says when he thinks he's going to fall.

Carson says his "K" and "C" sounds like an H (see above quote). Another example of this is when he is happy to not sit in his high chair, but rather on a stool with the big kids at the counter. He'll proclaim to everyone within earshot,
"Harson sit at the hounter!"

Anytime you mention the
George of the Jungle movie, Carson immediately recalls the scene where George is fighting a lion. "Oh, no! Here's a wion! George fight him!"

"Howie" (Halle) Fortunately, he says Mommy, Daddy, and Wyatt very clearly. It's just those two L's in her name that throw off every little kid.

"Hi, guys! Whatcha doin'?" Usually the first thing he says when he walks into a room.

"And that's not funny"...this is what he says when he's trying to talk about something he deems very serious. For example, one time he told his grandma with a scowl on his face, "My mom put me in time-out. And that's not funny!" Or last night he shared with Brett how he threw away "Weo" (a Leo figurine, from Little Einstein's) in the garbage can at Target. Then he was sad that I wouldn't retrieve it. "Weo go in the dumpt (dumpster). And that's not funny!"

And my personal favorite Carsonism,
"I yuv you."

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Whit said...

He's so cute! I wish we lived close to you guys so that he and Kael would get to know one another well. They say the most hilarous things sometimes. Kael says his name is Kael Your!

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