Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boooooo-wahahaha! Halloween 2009

Mack, Wyatt, Jace, Mason, & Carson
Another year of ghouls and boos dressing up!
Our Halloween festivities included another fabulous
Foxboro 4th Ward Fall Festival (where all 3 of our goblins
tried their hand (or should I say mouth) at the
donut-eating contest and I drank more than my fair share
of the freshly-pressed apple juice), pumpkin-carving & a delicious
dinner at the Grandparents Taft,
and trick-or-treating until we had enough candy to
last us until the next candy-splurge of Easter!

Halle and her best friend & fellow vampiress, Lauren

Hope Sig1

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Nickole -n- Kye said...

How stinking cute are your kids??? I love em to death! By the way, Brett has lost some weight?!?!?! Good for him!

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