Thursday, November 5, 2009

(I've already got two front teeth, thank you very much...)

Pardon the blatant post. I know we've been taught since we were small that it's bad manners to say, "I want this" or "I want that", but for the benefit (and at the request) of a certain someone (love ya, babe) I am posting my Christmas Wishlist.

All I want for Christmas is any of the following:

A giftcard to the Quilt Shop at

Gardner Village so I can buy this:

Right now our new KING-size bed has our

old QUEEN-size comforter on it.

It covers the top, but none of the sides.

It's very white-trashe.

(That's "trash-ay" for those of you who don't speak French.)

I've had a black and red room for so long,

I think I'm ready for a change.

I liked how this aqua blue bedding went so well

with the black bed at the quilt shop.

I thought it was soft and very peaceful. Tranquil. Calm.

And look! Target has beautiful aqua-colored

accessories on CLEARANCE!!!

It's a sign.
Not only that but I just got a mailer today
with a $50 coupon @ the Quilt Shop!!!


A subscription to the Davis County Clipper Newspaper.

Twice I've had a kid photographed and published

but would never have known about it were it not for

dear, wonderful friends who took the time to

cut out the article and photos for me!

I know this is an odd addition to a wish-list, but it's

one of those things I just about get ready to sign up for

but then feel kind of guilty about it,

like I really shouldn't spend the money.
Stupid, I know.

But this is my wishlist after all...who says

Santa has limitations???


At one time Costco had the neatest, biggest lazy susan trays.

You know how you see stuff there,

convince yourself you don't need it,

then when you go back after realizing you never

should have gone home without it,

they're gone???
I'd love to have one of these for when we have taco nights,

Hawaiian Haystack nights,

or our weekly Dessert nights.

(OK, maybe we don't have weekly "Dessert Nights",

but don't you think we should???)


I want a steamer. A portable, absorbant steamer.

I saw an infomercial the other night

(last week when I was sick and couldn't sleep for

all the coughing) for a Shark Steamer.

Does anyone know if they are as FANTASTIC as the infomercial

made them out to be?

I gotta admit, I was one number away from dialing and ordering.


King-Size Sheets.

We have one set, which really is just fine,

since I can easily strip the bed, wash the sheets,

and put them back on all in one day.

But it's always nice to have an extra set.

I just wish I could find a nice set

that included regular-size pillowcases.

A reliable, sharp set of steak knives.
We've bought two sets and been given one.

None of them have ever really lived up to what

we'd hoped GOOD steak knives to be.


Oh, and finally, "WORLD PEACE".

(Somehow saying that takes a bit of the greedy edge off my list...)

Hope Sig1


Annie said...

We always get our sheets at Ross. I don't know what they have as far as King size sheets go, but we are always able to find high thread count, deep pocket sheets.

Heather said...

Love your wish list. Every girl should have one. FYI- I saw a Lazy Susan like that at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Kristi said...

You should be a writer Hope. You can even make a list entertaining. I love to read your blog.

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