Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"learning" from ancient prophets...

One night before bed, Wyatt offered our family prayer. It was a wonderful prayer from a 5-year old, actually very mature as he was mindful of nearly every family member (close and extended). He expressed gratitude for many [MANY] things and was incredibly thorough. It really was a fantastic prayer and I was very proud of him, however, it was a bit lengthy. So we couldn't help but chuckle at Halle's witty comment after we'd all said amen:
"Wow, Wyatt, you're as bad as Enos!"
I wasn't aware she even knew who Enos was, but her comparison was too, too funny!
Hope Sig1


Josh and Kristen said...

PERFECT! I love it. Halle is so smart!

Tif said...

That is awesome! Halle you are hilarious!

Heidi said...

This is so funny!!!! I cracked up reading that.

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