Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nice to know I'm good for somethin'...and that my kids are willing to fund their own "impossible dream"

Wyatt and Halle just came downstairs to tell me that they want to give me all of their money so that they can fly to Hollywood and meet Miley Cyrus.

Oh, and they say they are willing to let me come, too, since you "can't fly on an airplane without a grownup". So glad my life has found new purpose!

Hope Sig1


Josephine said...

If you need a chaperone, let me know, I would love to take them. We'd have such a ball!

Josh and Kristen said...


The Kings said...

Aren't kids hilarious. First of all they think they can just jump on a plane and then they think they can just walk up to her and meet her :) So cute.

Stacy said...

Ha ha, this is so funny and cute! Sage's favorite is Salina Gomez. He thinks 'she is so cute and has such a good singing voice.' Oh boy!

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