Thursday, September 9, 2010

our Kindergartner turns SIX!

new set of wheels for the birthday boy!
opening presents...
in addition to the bike, we gave him 2 books and a game. opening the game last, he said, "Whew! For a moment there I thought all you were going to give me were books!" (And yet, when asked what his favorite gifts were, his reply was the BOOKS!)

Junie B. Jones - I love these as much as the kids do!
"Dinosaur" movie from Grandma Dixie & Grandpa John
family party birthday cake - my own creation: Key Lime Bundt with Lime Glaze, served with Lime Sorbet. Yummy, but SUPER rich!
soooo fun to get packages in the mail from Grandma & Grandpa K.!
He loved his "Knights of Right" books (#2 & 3). For early readers, we'd highly recommend these simple chapter books!
a check!!!!!!!!!
Party @ Bountiful Bowl
(Totally recommend it - easiest bday party I ever threw!)
you can't see the cake very well here but it was from Dick's Market and they did such a cute job. They had the bowling ball "knocking" down the pins.
Unfortunately, we'd already taken the decorations off the cake by the time we took this.

the kids had bowl crazy ways, like backwards, walking a tightrope, spinning in circles, singing a song as they throw the ball, predicting which pins will fall, etc.
Ian V.
Sabrina E.
Sage H.

Big Sister Sue
Kobi V.
Miss Maryn S. (possibly future Mrs. Wyatt Taft? Who knows, but the two lovebirds claim it will be...)
Bella C., our newest friend and classmate from LPA


The Kings said...

What a great birthday! I LOVE his comment about only getting books - cute kid!

Stacy said...

Such a cute boy! The party was a hit...Sage had a blast. I may have to do a bowling party.

I love the post about the 'olden days'. It's funny to hear kids talk about stuff from when I was a kid.

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