Thursday, September 9, 2010

"school is cool"

Wyatt loved meeting his teacher at his Legacy kindergarten assessment. Get this: BOTH our kids have a "Ms. Merrill" for a teacher at their DIFFERENT schools! At least that makes Parent Teacher Conferences easy!
Back-to-School breakfast: Waffles, Berries, Whipped Cream, and Orange Juice
Isn't he handsome in his uniform?! I only cried a little on the way out, and I'm so proud of myself that I regained my composure before any tears could actually fall out...

Our beautiful 3rd grader at her new school - a little nervous - but excited! (Can you tell Carson was disappointed he wasn't staying? That disappointment went away as soon as he realized mommy was taking him to the park, just the two of us!)
a little frozen treat from Nielsen's to munch on while we talked about our first days!

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The Kings said...

Oh Carson's face is classic! So funny. It's so strange for me seeing kids go off to school in regular clothes.

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