Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Marvelous Halloween packed with a Rodent, an Oo-la-la lady, and a Kung Fu Kick!

Fancy Nancy, Kung Fu Panda, and a Black Rat
(chosen in an effort to "scare all the moms")
This year the kids picked their costumes, which were homemade (learned my lesson there -- spent nearly as much as I would have had I purchased them already made and would have spared myself several trips to the store and time I'll never get back!). However, they turned out okay in the end and the kids were thrilled with them, which is all that really matters, right?
We enjoyed carving pumpkins with Grandma and Grandpa Taft -
especially when Grandpa John whipped out the drill to speed things along!

Of course we had to have a UTES pumpkin with a red light!

This is MJ, our YW Secretary and her daughter, Chantelle, one of the beautiful young women I get to work with at church! MJ had come over asking for a hula hoop the night before but the costume she was making was top secret and she wouldn't spill even one bean. She left me wondering until the ward Trunk or Treat when I discovered her adorable CUPCAKE outfit!

All the Taft grandkids
(back) Mack (Anikin -sp?), Utes Cheerleader Avaree, Halle, Wyatt
(front) Dragon Jace, Carson, and Yoda Mason
This is trick-or-treating in STYLE!
Thanks to Grandpa's Ranger and Golf Cart we were able to cruise through the RAIN and hit a couple houses before we too drenched to go any further!
It was so fun to t-or-t at the home of one
of our VERY favorite babysitters, Sequoia!
Of course we had to hit the McSwain house
where Hailey brought out the bucket of goods!
And then the rains REALLY came
But we'll do ANYTHING for
Grandma Connie's caramel popcorn balls!
We saved our favorite stop for the last one of the night:
Grandma B.!

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