Saturday, November 20, 2010

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From the time I was a young girl sharing this special story with my mother, I have looked forward to the day I would be able to share it with my daughter! That day came after Halle and I finished reading Anne of Green Gables together. We cuddled on the couch and side-by-side watched all of the movie (just the Green Gables, not the Avonlea part yet). It was so neat to see the Halle loves Anne-with-an-E as much as I do! I'm anxious to read more of L.M. Montgomery's character so we can move onto the next DVD and see if Anne and Gilbert can ever learn to get along and let themselves fall in love!

I've asked Halle to hop on my blog and share her thoughts about the characters in the book/movie. Without further adieu, let me introduce my "guest blogger", Halle:

Marilla: I liked at the end how she tells Anne how she really feels how she really feels about her. I did not like how she was so strict. She is important to the story cause we can learn a lesson from her, do not judge someone as fast.

Matthew: I like Matthew because he was so dear and kind to others. There is nothing I hate about him. He is important to the story because Marilla would have not kept Anne.
Josie Pye: I did not like Josie. But she is important to the story because she helped Gilbert Blythe realize what he did not like and what he liked about girls. And help Gilbert like Anne.
Rachel Lynde: I liked how she changed her opinion about Anne later. She was important to the story because she had a place in her heart where she loved everyone she saw.
Ms. Stacy: She was an awesome teacher. She helped everyone be on task without being strict.
Diana Barry: Is cute and loveable. There is nothing I dislike about her. She is important to the story because who else would Anne have for bosum friend?
Gilbert Blythe: Oh him - I adored him. He is so handsome. He is important because without him I wouldn't be able to kiss the screen.
Favorite moment: When Gil called Anne CARROTS. And at the very end Anne and Gilbert Blythe hugged. BUT I expected them to kiss. Oh that would be so romantic.
Hope you comment on all of this, expesally my romantic Gilbert Blythe. -Halle


LaFawnda said...

Halle, I am SO SO im love with Gilbert Blythe too. I don't have red hair, but I did want a dress with BIG SLEEVES!!! I got it at my wedding.
I loved when they drank the cordial. Ooooh hoo hoo!

Josephine said...

Halle, I have been in love with Gilbert Blythe since I was your age. The best part is that as you get older he actually gets CUTER! Can you believe that? I am going to marry someone like Gilbert (at least that is what I tell myself). You are such an amazing girl, your mom is lucky to have you!

joyce.kremin said...

Dear Halle, I can see you are a natural born Blogger. I, too, have had a "case" on Gilbert, his natural curly hair and fantastic eyes. Your mother and I spent more hours than we should have enjoying the life on Prince Edward Island, let's talk Grandpa and your Dad into to taking us there next summer? Luv, Grandma K

Jen said...

Great job blogging, Halle! And I'm with you--Glibert is SUPER cute! :) I'm so glad you're getting a chance to read all about "Anne with an 'E'" with your mom. :)

Nickole -n- Kye said...

I'm so glad that Halle has joined the "In Love with Gilbert" Club... He certainly is a dream boat! What a fun thing to do with your mom. I was telling Kye how my mom and I would have Anne parties! HOW FUN!

Dixie said...

Halle dear, I always knew you were a "Kindred Spirit!" There is nothing better than Anne and her adventures. I think the reason we all love Gilbert so much is because of the kind of person he is. You need to read the next books so you can find out more. Grandma has a Anne of Green Gables Cook book. We will have to pick out something yummy to make sometime.

Great job Blogging - both you and your mom are talented writers. XOXOXO Grandma Dixie

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