Monday, January 3, 2011

"Nearer to my Father in Heaven in Two-Thousand Eleven..."

I stumbled across this picture from a strange blog that I can't necessarily recommend, but the photograph so perfectly captures how I feel about entering a new year. 2010 had it's beautiful moments of "highs" (a week in New York with my best friend, Wyatt losing his teeth, Carson starting to read, Halle's new school feeling like a success, etc.), and I'm so grateful for those. My life is truly incredibly blessed in ways I do not deserve. But mostly (and I hate to sound like a whiner here, but if I'm being honest...) as far as I'm concerned the door can most definitely hit 2010 on the way out - I'm so ready to be done with this emotional roller coaster-of-a-year! I'm thrilled to have a fresh start and take on the next twelve months with a new, invigorated motivation and ideas! Today in church a sweet sister bore her testimony and shared what a rough year it had been for her (it's odd, but it seems most people I talk to agree with me that 2010 could have been much, much better, so it wasn't just me it chewed up and spit out). Anyway, I digress...I loved something she said about the way she was looking forward to this new beginning. She said her goal this year could be summed up in her new motto: "Closer to my Father in Heaven in 20-11". SPECTACULAR! I hope she doesn't mind, but that's gonna be my new motto, too. I'm taking control of my life and working harder so that is more closely aligned with what my Heavenly Father would want for me!
Bring it on!!!

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