Sunday, March 6, 2011

Won't you be my valentine?, Part 2

The week leading up to Valentine's, Brett had been in Phoenix for a full week, so needless to say we were both very much looking forward to our special datenight. We always celebrate V-Day early, since we hate the crowds on the actual day and our first date was actually on Feb. 5th (eleven years ago!). It was a great opportunity for us to use the Market Street Grill giftcard Santa had left in my Christmas stocking, and perfect timing, too since they were having their Crab Festival (which tasted heavenly, BTW).
While we waited for our meal, I had Brett open his gift. Now, typically we don't exchange V-Day gifts because both of us would prefer a really nice datenight instead, but this year I realized there was something my sweet husband could honestly use after I'd been forced to drive the truck the entire time he was in Arizona. That week happened to have been a cold one, with several chilly snowstorms hitting the Wasatch Front. I could now fully appreciate how lousy it has been for him to hop into a FREEZING truck every morning - one that seems to require driving 4-5 miles before the air hits a notch above arctic!
Here's his gift (first, the "oh-so-crafty
and oh-so-funny-if-I-do-say-so-myself card"):
Ooooooooh! A remote-start kit and key!
Thanks for revving my engine babe - I love you.


Jen said...

Hope, you are adorable. :) And such a good wifey! :)

Stacy said...

Love the card. That is so cute and so crafty! What a great present too.

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