Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Mumbo-Jumbo out of nothing over the Bumbo

Am I just totally "unhip"? I have checked at 3 stores for a Bumbo seat and each store ONLY had the yellow or lime seats. I just really do not care for those colors. Not that I have a distaste for lime or yellow in general, but in these specific cases the yellow is soooo bright and the lime just doesn't ring my bell. Gotta say I'm not the biggest fan of the lilac either, but at least it's toned down a bit - I could settle for that. And the pink and blue aren't too shabby either. Why can't stores stock up on the aqua? Guess I'll have to do some looking online, but I so did not want to pay for shipping.

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Wendy Kremin said...

There is a consignment shop in layton like kid to kid only I think better and bigger. They always have bumbos. I bought an aqua one there.

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