Monday, January 16, 2012

Nursery Ready? "Check"

Come on in!
Check out Charlotte's "crib" (pun intended)...

Since we had to combine Charlotte's nursery with Brett's office, we kept things pretty simple. Space was limited so I call my design style "minimalistic" ( if I have ever had any sort of style!). But in the end I think it turned out very nicely, and even though one can't call it roomy, I don't feel it is too overcrowded and everything seems to blend together well.
Here's Brett's corner of the room:

The colors aren't exactly what one would think of instinctively for a girl, but I have loved this painting for so long, I wanted it hung in Charli's room. So everything else stemmed from the creamy yellows, gray-blues, and rosy reds Mary Cassatt used in her beautiful "Children Playing at the Beach".
I am super-duper lucky to have two mothers who sew beautifully! Dixie made a lovely quilt, which is just finishing up at the quilters. The colors are gorgeous and I'm amazed at her talent! In addition to all that work, she was willing to use extra fabric for this colorful runner to top the dresser. I love how it brings out the red from the painting!

And my fabulous mom pieced together this adorable Dick & Jane quilt,
which was entered into the County Fair and won FIRST PRIZE!!!

I couldn't bring myself to subject a prize-winning quilt to baby spit-up and diaper blowouts, so I hung it on the wall where it adds some color behind the glider. I love it and it's going to be a treasured heirloom for Charli for many years to come!

Halle wanted to add her own bit of decor, this picture of Charlotte's crib with Halle holding her new baby sister! Charli is incredibly lucky to have a big sister who is looking forward to her arrival with such anticipation!


Mark and Colette said...

It is lovely. She will feel like a queen. I love everything you picked out and the quilts are AWESOME! Go mom's! You do have 2 great mom's in your life.

mikeandang said...

So cute! I love the kids' little touches.

Mandy said...

Um, just in time! :)

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