Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And then there was the time Wyatt tried to save his gum for later...

Some of us are inspired by beautiful sunsets, waves on a beach, children playing at a park.
Wyatt found inspiration from Violet Beauregard during his recent screening of "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory".  Since he never gets gum (hmm...I wonder why?), he didn't want to chuck the piece he'd bought for a nickel at the Baseball Field Snack Shack and chomped on all night long like a hippopotamus.  Solution?  

Why store it behind the ears, of course!
Only problem is you go too far and there's HAIR.  Little, tiny hairs.  The kind that make your eyes water when pulled even the slightest little bit.
Getting this gum out was quite the dramatic, emotional ordeal.
For him at least.
I just laughed and grabbed a camera.
And vowed I would continue my steadfast rule of NO GUM UNTIL YOU'RE TEN!

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Joleen Kremin said...

Wyatt, your mom is such a "stick"ler!

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