Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Hey, Soul Sister" - let's "Sing Together" because it's TRAIN and it's "Free"!

After standing in line for 2 hours at the Microsoft City Creek grand opening, Brett scored 4 tickets to the TRAIN Concert!  We are huge Train fans at our house - maybe even bigger Pat Monahan-alone fans - so this was a super big deal and we were stoked!
I love when you get a chance to hear an artist you love sing LIVE and it's proven to you that they sound just as good in person as they do on the recordings.  So many artists today have their voices "touched up" and tuned in studio that you wonder who's got the true talent and who just uses technology to sound good.
Pat definitely sounds amazing all on his own, and so does his band!

 I couldn't help but tragically laugh at the crowd while we waited for the concert to begin.  People were having conversations with each other, but not looking one another in the eyes - heaven forbid we actually put down our electronic devices and have a genuine face-to-face chat!


 It was fun bumping into some friends there.  Way to rock out, Bodily's and Langelands!

 At one point in the show young girls were invited to join the band onstage to help sing "Mermaid".  We rushed up as fast as we could but the last girl to be allowed on stage was the one right in front of us.  (I knew we should have tripped her on our way...)  So the closest we could get to taking a picture of Halle and Pat together was what you see below:

Pat in the background and Halle in the fore-fore-foreground!

Train was a fabulous concert - now we love them even more and yes, went straight home 
to buy more of their songs from iTunes!
Hope Sig1


Joleen Kremin said...

What a blast, concerts help inspire the soul (or soul sister) in all of us.

Jen said...

That's awesome!!! I've heard they're really great live. And I totally agree with what Jo said. :)

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