Thursday, May 15, 2008

purty tasty Pizza!

Marija Restaurant and Pizza
(801) 397-0226
385 N Redwood Rd

I just wanted to give a little "plug" for this sweet, family-owned Pizza place that recently planted roots across from our neighborhood on Redwood Road. It's called Marija (pronounced Mah-ree-uh).

Monday night we knew we wanted something quick for dinner while Brett, his dad, and brothers put up the shed in the backyard. We decided it was high-time we ordered from Marija's, if nothing else but to let them know we support them and are grateful that they are bringing business so close by (it's a 10-minute drive into Bountiful, so we're happy for anything more convenient). Anyway, I thought the price was competitive to the major chains and quite reasonable. We ordered 1 large combo pie with all the fixins and 2 mediums, cheese and pepperoni. I can't remember our exact total, but I seem to recall it being something like $25 and change. It was ready within 15 minutes for pick-up (from what I understand they are hoping to offer a delivery service sometime within the next month, but for us, pick-up couldn't be closer!).

I spoke to the owners while a polite employee rang up my order. This husband-wife team were delightful to visit with. They were happy and jolly, speaking with a beautiful thick accent. They told me they have lived in America for ten years, but originally came from Croatia, across the Adriatic Sea from familiar boot-shaped Italy.

I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed the food--in fact, in true-blogger fashion, I was wishing I'd taken a picture of the pies for the blog, but now all I've got to show for our meal are three empty boxes. What can I say? The pizza was hot 'n good and went quickly! We will definitely be ordering from there again.

Anyway, if you live in the Foxboro area (or even if you don't) give Marija's a try sometime. Until then, just know "Ja to volim!" (Croatian for "I liked it!")

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