Monday, May 19, 2008

What is the "sign" for SWIMMING LESSONS?

The kids are taking swimming lessons at the Davis Rec Center (a.k.a. "The Bubble" to you long-term Davis County residents). I feel like I have two little "fish"--Wyatt and Halle both love the water!
Normally, a parent might be bored while sitting and waiting the 45 minutes on the sidelines. However, I've had the opportunity to visit with a deaf mother who's two (hearing) children attend lessons at the same time as my kids. She reads lips and speaks as best she can. At times I struggle to understand her, but we get along just fine. Her husband is also deaf and serves as the branch president of an LDS Deaf Branch in Salt Lake City. It made me appreciate the challenges deaf parents with hearing children must face when trying to find the right place for their family.
She is delightful to visit with and when I had to sign Halle's name, it made me feel good that I'd paid attention to all those "SIGNING TIME" episodes, as I was able to communicate via my hands and this woman actually understood me! It made me want to learn more. I know my sister-in-law, Laurie, had a deaf friend for a number of years and enjoyed a friendship with her. You might think I'm a total dork, but I really have been DVR-ing "Signing Time" so I can brush up on the everyday basics. I love "talking" to this woman (I really should find out her name...I know her kids' names, but not hers. Dumb, I know). Anyway, I love talking to her. She's funny and cheerful, and I feel has opened an opportunity for me to forge a friendship in more than one way.
Kind of a pointless story, but an experience I wanted to share, nonetheless.


Meg'n'Josh said...

I bet this woman feels the same way, that she is glad for the opportunity to develop a friendship with are someone I know a lot of people look up to and want to know more. Can I be your friend? ;)

Annie said...

I haven't looked at your blog in a long time! I didn't realize that google reader didn't update private blogs. Now I know...glad things are going well for you!

Jamie said...

Did you know that Barbie's son Josiah is going to be on the new Signing Time DVD? He auditioned and was selected. Cool, huh? Barbie was interviewed about Signing Time on ksl:

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Thomas Jefferson