Tuesday, May 13, 2008

same old story: night terrors (sigh)

So here's a video I found on youtube.com that is very similar to what it's like when Wyatt's experiencing a night terror. You won't want to watch the entire thing. Just 30 seconds will give you a good idea and trust me, you'll be ready to push "pause". It's unbelievable that Wyatt never has any sort of recollection of it afterwards. But I suppose that's really a blessing in the end.

I really feel for this poor mother in the video--the longest Wyatt's ever had one was about 25 minutes. And that was long, even for him. Usually, he calms down within a two or three minutes of me coming into his room. The other difference is that Wyatt's eyes are always open and he's typically not walking around. Most times he is sitting up in bed, perspiration all over him.

It's common for him to have around 3 night terrors before midnight, maybe 1-2 days each week. But they are usually not days in a row. I know we're going through a "bad patch" when we have more than 2 nights that we're up a lot. This time, we're on night five. I've got to admit it, it's really starting to wear on me. I just have to keep reminding myself that my sweet little boy has no control over any of this and that the One person who is in control will keep me sane until Wyatt finally grows out of them.

(I saw on "Oprah" once a doctor who claimed some children never grow out of them. That was the day that I decided I hated "Oprah".)


LaFawnda said...

I pray that you are able to grab a small nap here and there Wy and Carson cooperating on those "after" days. Hopefully that will help you keep your sanity, and this in perspective. I'm so impressed that you realize he is NOT in control of this. Who would ask for it? I also pray that he does grow out of them. I have totally given up Oprah also. So liberating.
Good luck Wyatt. Auntie Fawn knows you are a happy boy, I hope you have happy dreams.

Hope said...

Night #6? Check.

Hope said...

Night #7? Check-Check.

Tonight he did that thing again where he doesn't recognize me. He'll respond to all my questions correctly except when I ask who I am. He doesn't believe me when I tell him I am his mommy. He gets very frightened of me and won't let me touch him. He cries and cries and asks for "mom and dad". I hate it when he gets like this. The only way I can get him to calm down is to get Brett. And then Brett has to spend a few minutes convincing Wyatt that I am who I say who I am. I know it's not "him", but it's just creepy and the truly saddest feeling in the world when your child doesn't know who you are and when they are obviously very, very frightened of you.

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