Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Mega" Music!

I'm sick. Very sick. I've self-diagnosed myself with MPADD (Music Player Attention-Deficit Disorder). I can't leave it alone more than a week before tweaking, deleting, rearranging the songs! So I've done it again and this time is just another demonstration of my crazy musical moods. It's been going on for about five weeks now. Let me give you a history. Five weeks ago, I was in the mood for Movie Soundtrack songs. The week after that was Jazz...Tony, Ella, Frank, Etta, all the greats. Next came country. For some reason I was big into Trace Adkins. That mood was followed by a week of Broadway (hence, all the Kristin Chenoweth songs in addition to some selections from "Jekyl & Hyde" and "Beauty & The Beast"). Now!, my friends, it's time to step into my time machine because my mood at present is all about
THE 80'S!
Yes, dudes, transport yourself back into the time of big hair , glitter, bleached blonde, tight jeans, heavy makeup, shoulder pads, adidas jump suits, Ray-Bans sunglasses, and of course, the Brat Pack and all the Coming-Of-Age films such as
Sixteen Candles
or, my personal favorite, Better Off Dead.
Take heart...I didn't fill my playlist completely with bands from the 80's, but you'll find your fair share of Boston, Journey, Survivor, Foreigner, and Cutting Crew. There's even Carly Simon to pay tribute to all you Working Girl fans!


Josh and Kristen said...

That is funny. I have noticed that your player changes a lot. It's always fun to hear what's new. I am lovin' the 80s mood...

Jake & April said...

Sounds like some good music if you ask me...who doesn't love the 80s? I wonder, though, do you happen to have any Richard Marx...he had some big hair!

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