Friday, June 6, 2008

a proposal I could not refuse...

Last Friday we met Brett's family at The Roof restaurant to celebrate his "baby" sister's high school graduation. We were there a few minutes early (pick yourself off the floor...that little fact was a bit of a shock, I know), so we decided to walk around Temple Square.
There's a special little spot near the Reflecting Pool that is near & dear to our hearts...I affectionately call it "Proposition Corner". The night Brett proposed, nearly a decade ago, we had gone to Temple Square. At the time, the main street area (now where the Pool is, etc.) was under construction, so there were chainlink fences up between the Joseph Smith Building and the Temple. The closest we could get to the granite structure (it is made of granite, right?) was sitting in a dimly lit doorway on the northwest corner of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The light was a definite plus because Brett was trying to have me read the inside of my new CTR ring, which said, "Will You Marry Me?" The doorway looks very different now, as there was not landscaping near it at the time. Now there is a large tree (see photo) which would have then blocked our view of the temple. Thankfully, in 2000 our view of "eternity" was never clearer as we began our forever commitment to one another.
We thought of acting out the proposal again, complete with a chaste make-out session, but we feared that the past would come back to haunt us. You see, after he proposed, we were, as you can imagine, feeling more in love than ever, so we were kissing more than ever. When all of a sudden, a man dressed in a suit exited the Joseph Smith Building out of the exact door we were kissing by. Boy, were our faces red! And I don't just mean from the love-pecks!
Oh, yeah...this corner brings back memories.

Heidi, the happy graduate
Congrats, S'Mish!
Isn't she gorgeous???

Sharing a few laughs between trips
to the decadent dessert tables
(That's right...I said tables, as in plural indulgences!)

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