Tuesday, July 22, 2008

keeping all the balls in the air...

Sometimes life's ironic. Perhaps it's just part of becoming a parent of a child that's getting older and more involved. Or perhaps it's not for any reason in particular, other than this is how life happens at times.
But for me, this summer screams with irony.

I entered into these summer months worried that my kids wouldn't have enough to do, and now that I find summer halfway over, I'm already wishing it would come to a close because I feel like it's been a constant "go-go-go" and I'm ready to get back into some semblence of a routine! Between vacations and road trips that seem to appear nearly every other weekend, swim lessons, weekly movie day, craft camp, birthdays, family home evenings, etc. I feel as though our entire family has a schedule akin to that of the Energizer bunny! It has been non-stop. All fun, mind you, and nothing that I'd want to give up, but there just hasn't seemed to been time to catch my breath. Let's be honest here...we're lucky if the laundry gets washed between events. And what I hear from moms more "experienced" than myself is that it only gets worse. Heaven help us!

However, I am grateful that we've had things to do and haven't been bored. We're so lucky to live in a community that offers a variety of entertainment, many times for FREE! (I'm taking part in a prime example of that entertainment tonight with my dear friend, Heather. Our husbands are absent, so we're taking the kids to the Polynesian concert at Brigham Young Park after dinner.)

One public service that we've enjoyed this summer is the Storytime and Programs offered at the Davis County Libraries. Here are some pictures of my kids (with the sweet neighbor friends as well as their fun little cousin Mack) at the Bountiful Branch's Jugglers performance. You can see from their faces that they had an excellent time!

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Annie said...

How fun! I'm glad you are finding lots of fun things to keep you busy this summer!

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