Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spell with me, Sesame!

One of my favorite places to browse the racks is a store that Wyatt calls, "The Book Store". He calls it this because when we go we usually purchase at least 1-2 children's books. You might be more familiar with this store's other name: Deseret Industries. Yeah, sometimes you go and just find "junk". But other times, a little treasure catches your eye and your day has just been made with the fact that you purchased something "new" (to your family, at least) for probably under $5! Sometimes we find stuff for Mom (I bought cooking utensils and pans for camping...the entire mismatched "set" for only $7). Or sometimes we discover toys that are still in good shape or books (the Centerville D.I.'s got the best Disney book collection). And finally, sometimes we find games--last time we found Operation, and that was a very big deal to my kiddos! Well, this picture shows my kids playing with one of their absolute favorite D.I. finds. It is the cutest little game called Sesame Street Scrabble. It didn't come with instructions, so we made up our own. Each child chooses a game board (it comes with about 8 of them). On each board are words already spelled out along with pictures so that even little Wyatt can figure out what the letters combine to read. Then children take turns choosing a yellow card, on the reverse side of which is a letter. If they are lucky, they will be able to place that letter some where on their game board. The first person to completely spell all the words on their game board is the winner! I love this game because Wyatt is already catching on to how to spell some words and...(drumroll please)...they can play it without any help from Mom! If you have young children, this game would be worth the price to purchase it, whether new or gently used. What about you? What are your most memorable second-hand store finds???


The Bennetts said...

You have such good ideas. That is why I love blogging, to get great ideas from other amazing moms.

LaFawnda said...


I remember shopping DI with Nickole, she and Natalie begged me to buy this vest, you know, the ugly old lady vests from the 80's. Well I go over to the rack to check it out, because I was bound to say no, they were bound to argue YES. GUESS WHAT, it was the vest I had taken to DI a few months before. Unbelievable!!!!

Kyeface & Nicknoodle said...

This is off the subject but if it makes you feel any better the only bad experience I remember was when I poured a glass of milk and you made me finish it. We were always excited to have you baby sit. I thought it was so cool that you could drive! We were so bummed when you graduated and moved to Salt Lake.

Jen said...

Luke and I found a really nice couch and coffee table when we first got married. When we moved from Logan, we were able to sell them and basically get our money back!

Brian & Heidi Haas said...

Wow...looks like you guys are good at finding new treasures! How fun!

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