Friday, July 11, 2008

watching this makes me happy. let it make you happy, too.

(Don't forget to turn off my music player first!)

If you watch the clock that runs underneath the screen,
my favorite moments occur at these times:

1:14 'Gotta love the gap in Rudy's teeth as she belts out the "Baaaaaaby"
2:11 I love the way Cliff's eyes bug out as he "hits" the high notes

Enjoy! And I hope this made you
smile and laugh as much as it did me!


Jake & April said...

I so love the Cosby Show. Makenna loves to watch the reruns...and this one was one of my favorites. Where have all the good "family" shows gone?

Josephine said...

Ahh the good ol days!

Kami said...

I grew up a regular Cosby show watcher. This was one of our favorites, too! Funny!

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