Friday, August 29, 2008

20 + 11 =...

Earlier this month we celebrated Brett's 31st birthday in a small family party. It was so fun to have Mom, Dad, Heidi, & Tanner over for dinner that Sunday. We had one of Brett's favorite meals (okay, mostly one of my favorite, but he loves them, too): Bleu Cheese Burgers (thanks again, Jayme, for the recipe...YUM!), delicious fresh watermelon (thanks, Dixie!), and his favorite pasta salad, Bowtie-Cashew-Craisin. I made a Tishamingo layered cake with Buttermilk Chocolate Frosting (yep, I said layered. Are you impressed??? It "only" took me two batches of batter to get 2 workable circles!).
In true Taft fashion, in a way only they can deliver, "Happy Birthday To You" was once again unbelievably loud, monotone, and hilarious. LOVED IT. Pause my music and take a listen:

I've been teasing him saying he's practically FORTY,

since he's closer to that then he is to twenty!


Kyeface & Nicknoodle said...

Sheesh he's getting so old I can't believe he got those candles out!!! Everytime (I forget) I hear about Brett's Birthday I remember when we went school clothes shopping and we got him the "Twinkie Cake", or one twinkie with a candle, such a fun time!

LaFawnda said...

Hey Taft's-
That birthday singing, ummmm. How do the neighbor dogs react?
But what a great tradition. I LOVE watching Wyatt tap his belly with the final chords.

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