Sunday, June 14, 2009

Team DaVinci's Secret Weapon:

Yes, that's right.
We have something you don't have.
We have Brandon Hodge.
Hair net and all.
He is our neighborhood authority in all things "food".
His taste buds are connoisseurs in the field of flavor.
After sampling several of our Burger Prototypes,
he offered his invaluable wisdom and expertise.
Watch out, Iron Chef Teams.
Rivals, heed our warning and prepare yourselves.
We've been counseled by the Yoda of Burgers
and are ready to accept our trophy of superiority!
(Last Thursday we tried out various recipes our team
had been considering. It was a BEEF-FEST at the Taft house.
A recipe was selected, a glimpse of glory revealed.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Incidentally, on this night of "Burger Sampling",
who do you think it was that conveniently
appeared at my doorstep?
A SPY!!!!

Some people will stop at nothing in their desperation.
This charlatan arrived just as I
was preparing our smorgasbord of hamburgers.
To be polite, I let her cross my threshold but not until
I'd hidden any clues or information that she may
have tried to take back to her team's headquarters in
an attempt to thwart our expected victory on June 20th.

Nice try, fancy pants...

Hope Sig1


Mandy said...

Spencer has been preparing for this too! Brett is teaching him everything grilling and Spence is doing quite well! However, I am getting pretty sick of hamburgers.

Josephine said...

I was not SPYING! Come on, give me some credit, if I had really been spying I would have done it by sneaking into the backyard with a ski mask on... showing up and ringing the doorbell is for pansies!

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