Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the thermometer has become a daily routine...

This poor girl has been sick for the past eight weeks - she'll have 1-2 days where she'll feel really crummy, with symptoms ranging from coughing, sneezing, mild to high fevers, achiness, and feeling worn out. Then she'll be fine for a few more days or even a week or two. This weekend the fever came back on, and even though she swears her throat doesn't hurt, you should see her tonsils...like golf balls in the back of her throat! I'm thinking about taking her into an ENT; you can even hear it when she talks as the swelling changes her voice. Poor, Halle. Let's hope we can finally kick this in time for Christmas!
P.S. We had to take this picture a couple of weeks ago, especially for Grandma K. That light blue poncho used to be MINE twenty-five years ago!


Josephine said...

Hey I remember that poncho - its great that things come back in style. Halle, sweetie you are rockin that, you look BEAUTIFUL!

The Kings said...

Poor thing! Hope she is better soon.

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Thomas Jefferson