Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do I "have" to include the "in-law"?

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday.
In honor of the day she was born (a certain # of years ago), 
I'll share 55 statements that make me think of her.  
(Why that amount?  Oh, no particular reason...  ;)
 1.  Talented Cook
2. Appreciator of Good Food
3. Cook Books, large collection of - and adding to it as we speak!

 4. Supporter
5. Hugger
6. Well-Dressed
7. Lipstick

 8. Fun-loving
9. Musical
10 . Gum
11. Constantly Learning 
12. Adventurous

 13. Patient
14. Selfless
15. Enduring
16. Ruthless at games
(She can try to deny it, but those that know her best know better!
She'd crawl over one of her grandchildren to get a wild card!)  
17. Floor-Dweller: always willing to get on their level and be with them
(especially if it gets her closer to that wild card...LOL)
 18. Sound of Music
19. Do-er
20. Memory-Maker
 21. Traditions
22. Story times
23. Childrens Books
24. Studio 5
25. Ellen
26. Oprah
27. Matt Townsend
28. Andrea Bocelli
29. Mo Tab
30. Mo Tab Tickets :)
31. Collections
32. Gracious
33. Grateful
34. Detailed
 35. Devoted Daughter
37. Thoughtful
38. Proud of her roots
 39. Joy Luck
40. One of Brett's best friends
41. Shopping
42. Lunch Dates
 43. Little Sweethearts
44. Baby Blankets
 45. Laughs easily - what a wonderful quality to have!
46. Patronizes me and laughs @ my jokes - an even better quality!
47. Embroidery/Knitting Bag - where she goes, IT goes!
 (these were taken as part of a 
care package for a missionary)
 48. Testimony
49. Tender heart
50. Open to the Spirit
 51. Parades
52. Gardner Village
 53. Quilts 
54. Seasonal Decor
55. Effort & Hard Work

And so, I am brought once again to the title of this post.

During introductions or referencing you when I speak, is it absolutely required of me to follow "mother" with "in-law"?  I understand using the full title helps clarify my relation to you - I get it, I get it: it's not through blood, only through marriage.  But after a while it certainly doesn't feel that way.  I am as devoted to you as I am my own flesh and blood.  And I feel as much a part of your family as anyone else.  Why can't I just call you "one of my mothers" or my "belated mother" - since you came into my life a little later than my own cherished mom?  
No matter what society requires I call you,
to me your title is worthy of any 
reserved for parents of the highest-esteem.

"How blessed I am,
how fortunate I've been,
that you are his Mother,
and also my Friend."

Happy birthday, Mom!
I love you.
Hope Sig1


Kami said...

You are sweet! You do have two awesome moms--and how lucky they are to have YOU!

Mandy said...

I love this post, she holds a special place in my heart too. How lucky you get to claim her as family! :)

Stephanie Paget said...

I have always thought of her as my second mom growing up! Love this post! Great job!
Stephanie Paget

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